Tuesday, 4 December 2012

San Sebastián, Spain

San Sebastián was our next stop on our trip, which is about an hour from Bilbao.
A quaint town on a bay with a gorgeous sandy beach and piers to step down to the water.
This is where you can canoe, sail or swim from.
Walk along the beach front to find the famous Spa, La Perla.

Here I opted for a relaxation massage and was pummelled to my heart's content. 
Afterwards I pulled on a huge fluffy robe and soft slippers and padded to the Thalassotheraphy area.
Essentially, flitting between different hot salt water baths where water jets massage different parts of the body, a jacuzzi, an underwater gym as well as walking through a corridor of freezing cold water jets.
We laughed and relaxed for a sublime 3 hours; it's not an experience I'd have enjoyed half as much by myself, so do go as a couple or group.
You can find La Perla here.

The city is architecturally beautiful and, very importantly, a great place to shop.
Girls rejoice, it's Zara heaven!
We stayed in an apartment above the bustling pedestrian streets, metres away from the Pinxos bars.
San Sebastián is famous for it's food, foodies will not be disappointed.

Be sure to visit San Sebastián Food.
They offer food experiences in the area, from cooking classes to wine tasting trips.
We opted for the Pinxos tasting tour, a great introduction to the bars so you can re-visit your favourites for the rest of your trip!
Our tour guide Eli was friendly, informative and kept our glasses full.
Also, if you're very lucky as we were, you'll meet a few people who you'll wish lived nearby when you get home.

Find San Sebastián Food here.

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