Monday, 10 December 2012

Azurmendi, Bilbao

Azurmendi is a 3 Michelin star gastronomic restaurant in Bizkaia, 20 minutes out of Bilbao.
The food is an experience in itself, with courses that are straight from a scientific experiment.
The visit begins in the indoor garden, with tricking waterfall and comfy benches.
A waiter brings out a picnic basket, when you stand and munch on the appetizer delights. 

Appetizers in the garden:
'Mimetic' peanut
Tomato and basil cold infusion 
Homemade cheese with homegrown basil flowers 

Another diners' garden starter experience

Then, you are lead to the main dining room which is beautifully decorated and scented with a strong yet unobtrusive aura.

Eggs from the restaurants' chickens, cooked inside out and stuffed with truffles

'Betizu' cow tail raviolis, wrapped in corn brad with legume broth

Sea caress: oyster, salicornia, iodinated tremella, sea weed and small crunchy nettles with natural aromas from the sea

The 'Earth' tea service

Brasiered squid, a mantle of it's own juice, crunches and onion

Salted stew: vegetables, anchovies and pork jowl with 'Idiazabal' cream cheese balls

Grilled red mullet, crunchy mushroom broth and onion toffee

Pigeon, 'hazelnuts,' leafs...
(The hazelnuts were chocolate to lead you into dessert, you're advised to eat these last) 

Chestnuts with vine shoot scent

Strawberries and roses

(Ice cream as light as air on a real honeycomb)


The restaurant is an encounter not to be forgotten.
The waiting on staff were attentive and knowledgable and certainly added to the experience. 
Azurmendi's website is here.