Friday, 28 September 2012

Just like a dream

When I grow up I want a beautiful white wedding that guests will talk about for months (years) after.
I want a white dress so beautiful that the girls all want one for themselves.
My husband to be / best friend / soulmate will know why it didn't work out with the others and be grinning at me like kid all day.
I was lucky enough to witness this happen for my beautiful friend.

The dress was just exquisite. 
Lace, backless with a perfect train.
(I stole these photos from Facebook as mine were awful. The rest are from my humble point and shoot)

The centrepieces were crafted entirely with paper.

The cake was chocolate with white icing. 
What a choice. 

Many glasses of champagne followed and my camera was abandoned in favour of dancing.
The wedding was a celebration of a gorgeous couple and the end of Summer. 
The best part, of course, was the food.
Has it made you want a wedding too?


  1. Omg it looks beautiful!! And the dress, ahhhh <3
    You lucky thing, you, to be apart of such a fab day, aw :D xxx

  2. oh this looks absolutely perfect. it really do! i love a good wedding! and your friend looks so beautiful.x

  3. This is honestly one of the prettiest weddings I've seen! Not too much but so beautiful. X