Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentines Day

Valentines day divides the nation every year.
There are those who despise the whole idea and view it as a ploy for businesses to make a bit of cash after the January slump.
Then, there are those who think the idea of a special day to show a little bit of love is the perfect idea.
I'm not sorry to admit I'm the latter.
I think any reason to show those in your life that you love them should be grabbed with two hands.
It's also the best excuse to treat yourself to something very naughty, especially if you're single.
Nobody judged me for those Chloe sunglasses...
Unfortunately I'm now a grown up with rent and bills.
Here's my wishlist:

Trousers All Saints, Heels ASOS, Clutch Miu Miu, Wrap and Bangle Mulberry

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