Wednesday, 18 April 2012


A year from now, you'll wish you started today.

Every Pinterest user I've viewed has a fitness inspiration board to inspire them to gain a gorgeous, slim figure in the best way they know how; health and fitness. How refreshing that such a positive message is being promoted to it's 10 million users*. 

The premise is simple, to eat healthy foods and exercise regularly. And to catch that boy looking at you when he thinks you won't notice.

The idea is to not punish your body by working so hard you're put off exercising for the whole week or  to eat so little that you rush to the fridge when you arrive home and consume digestive biscuits with a squirty cream topping. Love your body by fuelling regularly with healthy, yummy foods and go for a walk or a yoga class in between a good work out to get your heart beating.

Exercise is also a great way to clear your mind. A bad day at work, an argument with a boyfriend or generally feeling like the ugly duckling will instantly evaporate as you almost literally run away from everything. We all try to cram far too much into our daily lives and just try too damn hard to make everyone happy; from our general persona to impressing at work to looking our best. It's exhausting. So tie your hair out of your face, throw on some joggers and run. 

*I understand the site has been under fire for pro-anorexia, but that hasn't been my personal experience of the site

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  1. great post!
    i often feel discouraged to work out and eat healthy
    i think i'm going to start a fitness inspiration board on my pintrest too!